Our Services


Working in our studio, on location, or even in your home, we will take a collection of head shots for you to use in professional and speaker profiles, audition packets, writer bios and social media.

Event & Life-Style Photography

Your event: we work from your list of the most important event moments as well as from over two decades of our experience to create a visual record of your gathering .

Your Life-style: Together we choose a location and start time. We then spend the next hour or two exploring the site while taking unique and cherished photos..

Real Estate

 Before potential buyers contact a realtor, they have already searched the web for potential homes in their targeted area(s). Based almost entirely on the photographs and other information provided, they construct a list of “must see” homes. Many other homes are often eliminated based on the available photos. At Glennola Photo Studio, our clear and crisp photographs can help to increase your showings.